Club Mobay Departure Service: What You Need To Know

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You’ve been to Jamaica, and unfortunately it is time to head home. Here is why you need Club Mobay departure service to make a smooth transition during your outgoing flight.

Club Mobay Departure Service

Club Mobay also provides arrival services. These services are well worth the cost, and you can read about the Club Mobay Arrival service here. Be sure to check it out, as I have mentioned in numerous posts that I won’t travel to Jamaica without it.

FAQ’s About The Club Mobay Departure Service

Club Mobay VIP Departure Lounge

Here are a few common questions regarding Club Mobay departure service. I think you will find them useful!

Is It Worth Getting Club Mobay In Jamaica?

As I have mentioned before, we always find that Club Mobay is worth the extra cost. Whether we are in the lounge for several hours or just a few minutes, it is always worth it to us. You need to figure out for yourself, but I always say it is like insurance. Better to have it and not need it, then not have it and wish you did. Only YOU can decide.

What Does Club Mobay Departure Include?

*Complimentary refreshments including fresh fruits, pastries, snacks, sandwiches, tapas, sushi, sliders and Jamaican patties
*Club Mobay Pickney Place; our one-of-a kind sound-controlled children’s play-room (Club Mobay Only)
*Complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
*Complimentary Wi-Fi and a fully equipped Digicel business centre
*Dedicated suites reserved for adults-only, family or peace and quiet (Club Mobay Only)
*Shower facilities (Club Mobay Only)
*Free international phone calls to USA, Canada, and UK landlines
*Mango Spa with mini treatment for purchase (Club Mobay Only)
*Newspapers and magazines

What Is The Cost Of The Club Mobay Departure Lounge?

$33 per adult, $23 per child (2-12 years old), Free for infant (under 2). All rates are quoted in USD and are subject to change. Be sure to check their official website for further details.

Are Drinks Free At Club Mobay?

The lounge includes three premium bars offering complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. I have to tell you, their rum punch is some of the best out there, and one of the main reasons why I love using Club Mobay.

Club Mobay Departure lounge Bar upstairs

Will Club Mobay Departure Services Help Me Check-In For My Flight?

No, Club Mobay does not help you to check-in for your flight, but they have a dedicated line for security once you check your bags. Simply provide your voucher to the desk prior to entering the security line, and you are all set. Once you are through security, simply walk through the airport and you will see the lounge near gate 9.

How Do I Book Club Mobay Departure Service?

The best way to book is directly through their website, VIP Attractions. But make sure you do it as soon as you book your flights, as it sells out very quickly because everyone knows just how wonderful it is!

The Whys Of Club Mobay Departure Service

So now that I told you a little bit about the Club Mobay departure service, here are some great reasons as to why you need it.

You Get An Air-Conditioned Lounge

If you have ever been to Jamaica, you know how hot it can be in Sangster International Airport. The lounge provides you with comfortable seating in an air-conditioned lounge. You can rest, watch the planes, enjoy some food, all while being cool and comfortable.

Club Mobay lounge Gate 9

Continued Jamaican Hospitality

If you have ever been to Jamaica, you are well aware of how wonderful the people are in Jamaica. The staff at the resorts is what makes this type of trip so special. That wonderful treatment continues here in the Club Mobay departure lounge.

Delicious Food & Beverage Options

If you have been following me at all, you know that I absolutely rave about the Club Mobay rum punch. In fact, I even asked them for the recipe. Unfortunately, it didn’t taste the same for me, so now I just enjoy it when we use the lounge.

Club Mobay rum punch

They also have a large selection of food available as well. From sliders to salads, even burgers and chicken fingers for the kids, it’s all included in the Club Mobay departure service. One last taste of the islands before you have to head back to reality.

Club Mobay snack area
Snack choices from Club Mobay

They Monitor Your Flights

One of the nice things about the Club Mobay departure lounge is they help keep track of your flights. You will find a nice departures board that is big enough to see.

Departure board Club Mobay

They will also make announcements to keep you on track. You can also get a nice view of the gates and runway.

Gate 9 Sangster International Airport

So that is just a little bit about the Club Mobay departure service. Now that you know more about it, are you ready to book?

Club Mobay Departure Lounge mural
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