Hi, I’m Jennifer!

Welcome! I’m so grateful you’re here!

So, who is Jennifer?

I am a wife, mom, & blogger. I am here to help you navigate the maze called midlife. Sharing the joys of later-in-life travel, family travel, travel tips and more. Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact me and I will do my best to help.

So let’s get to the good stuff.

Meet My Family

My Best Friend & The Love Of My Life

I met my husband in 1993 while we were both in college. When we first started dating, I instantly knew. I fell. Hard. And lucky for me, the feelings were mutual. After being together for a few years, we married in May of 1997.

We spent our honeymoon in Jamaica at Sandals Resorts and it started our current Caribbean travel obsession!

Over the years, we had our shares of ups and downs and everything in between. And we made it through. In May of 2017, we headed back to the resort where we spent our honeymoon, and we renewed our vows. I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful it was.

It has been so wonderful traveling in the Caribbean with my husband. So far we have been to Great Exuma, Jamaica, St. Lucia, & Antigua. Stayed tuned as we are adding Barbados, Curacao, Turks & Caicos(a family trip), and Grenada to our travel itineraries. Make sure you check back soon!

The Kids

Well, I can’t really call them kids anymore. They are young men, but in my heart, they will always be my babies. Oldest joined our family in 1998 and youngest followed along in 2001.

Each of our sons has their own personalities and have grown into their own. One graduated from Penn State University and the other is attending East Stroudsburg University. We are both so proud of them!

There are some days I wish we could go back to when they were younger, and one of them was shorter than me. Well, since we all know that that could never happen, instead we just need to remember the wonderful times we have enjoyed together when they were.

We are looking forward to taking our boys on their first Caribbean adventure in 2024, so stayed tuned!

Four-Legged Family Members

Well, now I would like to introduce you to our furry family members. Meet Fred & George, our two ginger cats. They came into our lives in 2016, after their “owner” didn’t want them anymore.

We raised these two since they were a little over 3 weeks old. That was quite the learning experience, and I wouldn’t have traded it for the world. These two took to being grown-up cats in no time flat. They are naughty, just like their namesakes from the Harry Potter series. They are also huge snuggle bugs and do an awesome job protecting us from scary things like leaves and bugs.

I know you aren’t supposed to have favorites, but these two boys are my heart cats.

We still hold in our hearts our Golden Retriever Leia. She has been gone for many years, but she will always have a place in our hearts. As do our other cats, Felix, Buster, Kim & Brittany.

I fully believe a home isn’t a home without some sort of animal hair, LOL!

Hope you enjoyed a brief peek about me, I can’t wait to talk travel with you!