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Welcome to Juggling Midlife! I am so honored that you have found my home on the web.

If you landed here, you were probably scouring the internet about learning to deal with being middle-aged. You may be wondering about what your life’s purpose is now that you are in middle adulthood.

Or perhaps you are in a place where you’re going through changing family relationships. Whether you are starting as an empty nester, or maybe some of your adult children have moved back home.

Maybe you are struggling with re-balancing a work/home life situation. You may be in a position where you want to slow down at work, but finances just won’t allow it. Or you are struggling with finding that work & life balance that allows you to enjoy both aspects of your life.

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None of those questions have easy answers, but I am here to hopefully help you with some of these answers.

As I said in my about me page, I am fully entrenched in several midlife struggles. I used to blog at Trekking and Tasting (which is how you may have found your way here) and now I have found that it no longer served the part of my life I am dealing with.

You can understand that, right?

So, after taking 8 months off from blogging at Trekking and Tasting, I decided to hop back into blogging with Juggling Midlife. I have several things going on all at the same time, and I thought, if I am dealing with it, I am sure others are too.

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Here are some things you will find here:

  • Midlife health. Who isn’t going through these things? It is always good to have someone to chat with when you are feeling overwhelmed and scared.
  • But not all things about entering midlife are bad. One of my favorite things to do is spend time with my husband on tropical islands. Here you will find great tips on midlife travel. After all, you worked hard, now is the perfect time to start enjoying it. Sandals Grande St. Lucian
  • Working during midlife has its own set of challenges, especially when you start to realize that time is growing shorter. I struggle with this balance all the time because I work in retail. You don’t want to work, but you have to work if you want to be able to travel, and everything else you need to do on a daily basis. By sharing my experiences, I hope that all of us can find this balance.

These are just a few of the useful topics you will find here on Juggling Midlife. I hope that we can all find balance & serenity during this new stage of life.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Feel free to fill out the form below so we can get a conversation going.

I will try to get back to you within 2-3 business days. I am out of the office between the hours of 7PM EST on Fridays to 8AM EST on Mondays, so your response time may vary if you respond during my out-of-office hours.