Why Starlux Mini Golf In Wildwood NJ Is A Perfect Family Activity

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All my readers know how much I love our family vacation in Wildwood NJ. It is one of the vacations I absolutely adore. One of which was the Starlux Mini Golf and I am going to share with you why you should visit the Starlux Mini Golf attraction. Easy to find and perfect for the entire family.

Starlux Mini Golf In Wildwood NJ

Disclaimer: As stated in my Disclosure policy, this post is not affiliated with Starlux Mini Golf and I have not received any form of compensation for sharing it.

FAQ’s About Starlux Mini Golf

Before we talk about how much fun you are going to have playing golf, let’s go over a few important things you need to know.

Where is Starlux Mini Golf Located?

Located at 4800 Ocean Ave., Wildwood, NJ 08260 (Across the street from the famous Wildwood Sign) and near the convention center, Starlux Mini Golf is a short walk from the Boardwalk.

Famous Wildwoods sign

Is There Parking Available?

Starlux Mini Golf has complimentary 2-hour parking. There are also bike racks available for use. Street parking available at your own cost.

How Much Does It Cost To Golf?

Pricing for 2023 is as follows:
Adult | Child (12 & under): 
*9 holes $14 | $12
*18 holes $19 | $16
*27  holes $23 | $20
*Children 2 & under are free
*Senior citizen $12
Free use of practice green with purchase.

One of the things we love is, as a family of 7, there is a ball color for everyone. So, no one can get away with playing the wrong ball or being, cough cough, confused.

What Hotels Are Near Starlux Mini Golf?

The closest hotel to the golf complex is the aptly named Starlux Boutique Hotel. Just a short less-than-two-minute walk. Nearby hotels also include the Days Inn and the LeVoyageur Motel, one of our favorite places to stay. The photo below is from the pool area at LeVoyageur and one that we look forward to each and every Summer.

LeVoyageur Motel Wildwood NJ

What Restaurants Are Near Starlux Mini Golf?

Closest to the complex is the Kohr Bros stand located next to the check-in desk. Seashell Ice Cream Parlor is also a short walk, as is several restaurants on the nearby Boardwalk.

Does Starlux Mini golf host groups or parties?

From the information on their website, yes, they do parties and groups. Please visit this link for more information.

Okay, that is just a little bit about the attraction, so let’s get into more about each course. Yes, you read that right! There are 3 different courses all in one spot. And all bring the best bits of the Wildwood area.

Starlux Mini Golf Boardwalk Course

Let’s start with the signature Boardwalk course. 

Starlux Mini Golf Boardwalk Course

If you have ever traveled to Wildwood NJ, or if you have heard about the Jersey Shore points, then you might be familiar with the famous Boardwalk. This course was designed to show off all things you love about the Wildwood Boardwalk. My favorite part of this course is that it is played on a wood plank space above the other two courses. It gives you a great view of the surrounding areas. 

Starlux mini golf boardwalk course

During the evenings, it is beautiful to see all the bright and shiny lights of the Boardwalk and surrounding areas. The other wonderful thing about this course is all the iconic things you know and love. 

Tram Car hole at Starlux Mini Golf

The putting tees even feature fun Wildwood facts. 

It really is a great time to spend with family. But beware, it can get very competitive, at least it does in our family! 

Boardwalk Course Starlux Mini Golf

The Ocean Course At Starlux Mini Golf

Next up, is the Ocean Course.

Ocean Course Mini Golf

I will be the first to admit that this is my favorite course, especially on a warm and sunny day. Most of it is played underneath the shade of the Boardwalk Course. You have to love the thought they put into the planning of this attraction, after all everyone knows the song “Under The Boardwalk”.

This course has multiple opportunities for your to end up in the water. And I can say that it isn’t a round of golf if I am not scooping out my ball with the fish net.

View of Beach course at Starlux Mini Golf

It is such a pretty and well-thought-out course, and I know that you will enjoy the challenge of playing it!

The Beach Course At Starlux Mini Golf

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Beach course, a favorite of my kids.

Of course, you can’t go to the Shore without spending some time on the beach. Here is a little about the beach course. Sand and sun combine for a fun course that is geared toward precision and accuracy.

This course was my absolute nemesis. Sand and I don’t mix one bit. So, while my putting stank and put me into last place, I did enjoy looking at the fun scenery. 

The beach course is definitely a putter’s course, and my husband outputs us each and every time. Despite losing horribly, I would have played this course several more times.

What Happens Once Your Done Golfing?

Once you are finished golfing, you have probably worked up an appetite. Never fear, you don’t have to go far in order to satisfy your hunger.

Kohr Bros at Starlux Mini Golf

Located right there is a Kohr Bros stand where you can enjoy a victory ice cream cone. For me, that signals a perfect end to a fun time. And never fear, you can walk off any ice cream calories on your way to the Boardwalk and the beach.

I hope this gave you some general information as to why you need to visit Starlux Mini Golf the next time you are in Wildwood NJ. Fun for the entire family and perfect for vacation memories.

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