Sandals Ochi Honeymoon Hideaway Club Level Garden Cottage Room Review

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Trying to decide on a room at Sandals Ochi? Well, here is our simple review of the Sandals Ochi Honeymoon Hideaway Club Level Garden Cottage room on the resort. Don’t let the name fool you, whether you are married for 24 hours or 24 years, it is the perfect spot to relax during your resort stay.

Sandals Ochi Honeymoon Hideaway Luxury Club Level Garden Cottage Room Review

FAQ’s About Sandals Ochi Beach Resort

Before I get into our room review, here are a few questions most travelers have about Sandals Ochi.

Is Sandals Ochi A Party Resort?

Well, that depends on what your definition of a party resort is! I will say, there is always something to do at Sandals Ochi, whether you want to be dancing at the silent headphone party or relaxing on your patio. And a stop at the Rabbit Hole HAS to make your list.

How Far Is Sandals Ochi From The Airport?

Sandals Ochi Beach Club is approximately a 90-120 minute ride from Sangster International Airport or Kingston International Airport. There is a smaller airport approximately 15 minutes from the resort, but it is currently undergoing a renovation in order to handle larger international flights.

We took the included Sandals shuttle, and it was nice. However, I will probably consider private transfer next time as we had to wait for other guests and their luggage.

Is Sandals Ochi A Private Beach?

Yes, Sandals Ochi beach is private. It is divided into 3 separate swimming areas. There is great snorkeling off the beach because they are little coves.

Does Sandals Ochi Have A Pub?

Unlike some of the other resorts, Sandals Ochi does not have a pub. However, there are TONS of places on resort to get drinks. And one of the benefits of the honeymoon hideaway club level garden cottage is your in-room bar you can make your own drinks. One of the benefits of a club level room at Sandals is beer, wine, liquor & soft drinks in your fridge.

What Is The Best Time of Year to Go to Ocho Rios Jamaica?

The best time to visit is between December and March when the weather is most settled. Hurricane season is over, and it is entering the dry season.

So there are a few answers to many of the common questions regarding the resort, now let’s get to the review of the honeymoon hideaway club level garden cottage room at Sandals Ochi.

Location Of The Honeymoon Hideaway Club Level Garden Cottage Rooms At Sandals Ochi

These rooms are spread around the beachside of the resort. As you can see, our room (2054) was located just off the main walkway between the main entrance and the Rivera building.

sandals ochi honeymoon hideaway club level garden cottage main view

The good thing about the location is that it is close to everything. The downside is that you can always hear everything. Whether it is loud (and sometime obnoxious) guests to service carts, that particular spot tends to echo. If you are a light sleeper and noises bother you, then this particular block of rooms is probably not good for you.

sandals ochi garden cottage night view room 2054

One other thing of importance to note: there are TONS of stairs at this resort, and the honeymoon hideaway club level garden cottage room is no exception. If I had to choose, I would definitely take the ground floor again, as there was only one set down. The ones that are on the second level have 2 sets of stairs to get up.

This is a pretty important thing to consider, especially if you like to wear high heels (I don’t) and enjoy your adult beverages. Too many steps equal too many chances for a face plant. I wore all flat sandals at this resort, and I am really glad I did.

The Bathroom Area In The Garden Cottage

Contrary to what others have shared, I thought this bathroom was really functional. There was a lot of space on the counter, and plenty of room to store things underneath on the shelves.

Sandals Ochi Garden Cottage Bathroom sink view

Some negatives of the area is that the makeup mirror is not lighted. I don’t wear much makeup on vacation, so it wasn’t a deal breaker for me. The plugs in our bathroom weren’t the best, so I could only use one at a time.

The shower was big and clean. The water pressure wasn’t as strong as we were used to, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as some people were sharing. It could just be that our particular room was at a good spot.

My one concern was that when we used the shower, the light kept buzzing. It was a bit concerning so I sent a message through the LOOP. Someone must have come to take a look at it, because I noticed that it stopped after that.

I do miss the old bathroom gels and lotions, as the new ones have a more masculine smell to them. Because of that, I bring my own now because of it. Again, not a big deal but it is one change that I wish Sandals wouldn’t have made.

Closet Area In The Honeymoon Hideaway Club Level Garden Cottage Room

Right when you come in the front door of the room, you will see your closet. Again, a basic closet set-up with your safe, luggage rack, and robes. Plenty of hangers available for the both of us, as well.

Sandals Ochi garden cottage closet

The only downside to the closet is there isn’t enough room to store your suitcases. Luckily the beds are high, and we were able to store them underneath. We just used the floor of the closet to store our shoes. Most rooms come with an umbrella as well, but ours did not have one. It took a few days and a few requests to finally get one. I did use the LOOP but ended up having to go to the Club Sandals Lounge to finally get one.

The Bedroom Area In This Room

Let me preface saying that if you are at all into the flashy and new and shiny, then these rooms will not be for you. They are in the darker Caribbean style (which I actually prefer more!) and do show their age & wear.

However, our housekeeping staff kept it clean and immaculate, so you really didn’t notice the age. Here are a few pictures for you to see.

Sandals Ochi Garden Cottage Bed View

The king-sized bed is very comfortable. If you are short like me, you might have to launch yourself into it.

There is a desk next to the bed, which had a place to plug in my power cord. I like being able to charge all my devices in one shot, so it is a must-have when I travel.

sandals ochi garden cottage desk view

The desk also is good for storing things that aren’t clothing. I kept my cords in the drawer for safe keeping.

There is a full-length mirror in the room as well, which is great for getting ready for the evening or for a day at the pool.

Sandals Ochi honeymoon hideaway club level garden cottage room mirror

Next to the mirror is your dresser with storage for clothing and your mini-fridge. I did not think there were enough drawers to store our clothing. Even though we did not bring a lot of regular clothes, there still wasn’t enough space for our swimwear, which we ended up storing underneath the nightstand on my husband’s side of the bed.

There is also a chair to sit in next to the patio door, which we ended up using as storage for clothes and bags.

sandals ochi garden cottage patio door

One other thing of note about this room category is that the floor in this particular room was all ceramic. There was a small rug on the side of the bed by the bathroom, but other than that, it was all tile. Which means things can get slippery when wet. So be careful, especially if it is really rainy and your shoes are wet.

The advantage to the tile is that it was definitely easier to keep clean. Not having to worry about sand being ground into the carpet is really nice.

The Patio Area Of The Sandals Ochi Honeymoon Hideaway Club Level Garden Cottage

I liked the size and style of the patio area for this room. It is always nice to sit outside in the evenings and have a drink and listen to the peepers. There is a cute bistro set and a towel rack that was great for drying things.

Sandals Ochi Garden Cottage patio set

It is also a great place to sit on a rainy day.

Patio area Sandals Ochi Garden Cottage

And a quiet place to enjoy the night and people watch too!

Outside view Sandals Ochi Garden Cottage

I hope you enjoyed a quick view of the honeymoon hideaway club level garden cottage room at Sandals Ochi, and hope this review has helped you make a decision.

Final Thoughts About This Room Category

If you are looking for a functional and budget friendly room at Sandals Ochi, this definitely gives it to you. We managed to get this room on a 777 deal that we combined with our loyalty & travel discount, which allowed us to stay a full week.

Would we stay in this room again?

Absolutely yes! We actually had it booked again for 2023 but switched it to the new Sandals Dunn’s River resort because of a FABULOUS deal with 777 and Loyalty discount. But anytime we come back to Ochi, this is definitely the room I would choose again for many reasons.

Best part of the room?

The location, I think, is the absolute best part. Being on the seaside and a short walk to everything, this room was ideal for the relaxing vacation we wanted.

The not so good?

Well, this is true of a lot of resorts, is that there is just not enough drawer space for clothing. Even though we don’t overpack, we still have stuff that needs to put away in drawers. There was plenty of room for another dresser in the room. Again, not a deal-breaker, but something I hope they look into in the future.

All in all, it was a great place to spend my 50th birthday. We love Jamaica, so it was great to be there for my milestone birthday.

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  1. I haven’t heard of this spot before but looks like a beautiful spot to visit and enjoy. You have shared some great pictures. Thank you for sharing such an in-depth review.

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