Rum Seltzer Drinks Perfect For Any Occasion

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My favorite place to be with my husband and family is at the beach. Ocean sounds, warm breezes, and good food. Some of my favorite things to enjoy on those vacation is rum seltzer drinks. With many flavor varieties available, you will find the perfect one for you.

rum seltzer drinks recipes

This recipe is intended for people 21+. Please drink responsibly and never drive after enjoying this recipe.

Rum seltzer drinks became popular during the pandemic period. I admit, I wasn’t overly fond of them at first until I started trying different flavors. The amount of adult beverage recipes that came out during that period was staggering. And since a lot of people are enjoying them more, I thought I would share my favorites. Keep reading to get to the recipes.

Can You Mix Rum And Seltzer?

You absolutely can mix the two together, which is the purpose of this entire post. I will be sharing some easy and tasty recipes you can make at home to enjoy for happy hour or with your evening meal.

One of the reasons rum seltzer drinks are so popular is that they are lower in calories, often gluten free, and huge on taste.

What Is The Best Seltzer To Mix With Rum?

This depends on what kind of rum you are using in your drink. If you are using a dark flavor rum, I suggest mixing it with a cola-flavored seltzer. If you are using a white rum or a coconut rum, then opt for tropical-inspired seltzer water.

Which Rum Should I Buy To Mix With Seltzer?

This is all a personal preference when it comes to which rum you should use when making a rum seltzer drinks. Some people tend to prefer Bacardi rum, while my personal favorite is Malibu. If you can afford a higher quality rum, you will end up with a smoother flavor when making your rum seltzer drinks.

People also ask if regular rum, dark rum, or white rum is best. I have tried it with all three and each flavor is unique, so it really up to you and your tastes on a given day.

Is White Claw A Rum?

No, the popular White Claw seltzer drinks out on the market do not contain rum. Generally, they contain fruit flavors and have vodka as their base. White Claws do make a good base for many of the rum seltzer drink recipes, so it is always a good idea to have some of hand.

Rum Seltzer Cocktail Recipes

Ok, let’s get to some of these delicious rum seltzer drinks that everyone is talking about.

One of my absolute favorites to make is boozy siren hard seltzer rum punch. This recipe is what started me on my journey of rum seltzer drinks, and I know that you will enjoy it as well.

boozy siren rum seltzer cocktail

Here are some of my favorite variations for rum seltzer drinks that I think you will enjoy as well.

And if you are short on time, your local liquor store or beer distributor has many options of pre-mixed rum seltzer drinks you can purchase and keep in your fridge all the time. It certainly makes it convenient to enjoy!

Snack Ideas To Go With Your Rum Seltzer Cocktails

We all know it is never a good idea to enjoy adult beverages on an empty stomach. So here are some delicious food ideas to go with your rum seltzer cocktails.

  1. Appetizers are always a great choice. You should definitely make this baked cheesy dip recipe to go with your drink.
  2. Another great appetizer option would have to be sausage and cream cheese crescent rolls. Great if you are enjoying your cocktail during a football game.
  3. For a bit of spice, make some buffalo Philly chicken cheesesteaks to go with your rum seltzer cocktail.
  4. A hearty option would definitely be slow cooker shredded chicken & vegetables over biscuits. Your slow cooker does most of the work, and you can snuggle up with a good book while you are sipping your drink.
  5. And I just found the most amazing recipe for a grilled cheese charcuterie board. Like how perfect is this combination?
  6. A nice light option would be this recipe for peach tomato bruschetta.

I hope that you can see what you can do with rum seltzer drinks on any given day. From a game day get together, or something light to enjoy after work while planning your next vacation, these cocktails are a perfect addition to your kitchen.

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