What Is Resort Evening Attire at Sandals?

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One of the most frequent questions we get when helping people prepare for their Sandals vacation is what to pack for the restaurants at Sandals that require “Resort Evening Attire”. In general, Almost all Sandals resorts have a restaurant or two that require resort evening attire.

So if you’re wondering, “what is resort evening attire at Sandals?” We’re here to help.

Dan & Michelle in Resort Evening Attire

Resort Casual Attire vs. Resort Evening Attire at Sandals

Sandals resort restaurants will request either “resort casual attire” or “resort evening attire.” Resort casual attire includes shorts or jeans and t-shirts or polo shirts. Shirts and shoes are required in all restaurants. Women who have on a swimsuit must wear a cover-up.

Resort evening attire at Sandals is a good bit dressier. It includes nice jeans or dress pants and long or short-sleeved collared dress shirts for men, and nice jeans/pants or a skirt and blouse, or a sundress or cocktail dress, for women.

No sleeveless shirts or t-shirts, and no hats, are allowed. Dress shoes are required (closed-toe for men, dress sandals or heels for women)–no tennis shoes, flipflops, or casual slides. Jackets are not required for men, but some wear them.

Pro tip: although you can wear jeans at Sandals resorts, they will be hot and uncomfortable. We suggest bringing lighter-weight pants like khakis or linen.

Jenn & her Husband in Sandals Evening Resort Attire

Which Restaurants Require Evening Resort Attire at Sandals?

There will usually just be one or two restaurants that require evening resort attire at a Sandals resort, like the French haute cuisine restaurant or the upscale steakhouse, with the rest being casual.

But there’s good news for couples who don’t enjoy dressing up–Sandals seems to be relaxing about this, as the newest resorts have fewer and fewer restaurants who require resort evening dress.

For example, the new Sandals St. Vincent doesn’t have any. However, if you do enjoy dressing up, you are certainly welcome to regardless of where you dine.

It’s easy to find out how many restaurants require resort evening attire at Sandals resorts–just check the website for the property you’re interested in. Under the Dining section, you’ll find a list of the restaurants there. You can click on each one and check the dress code.

What to Pack for Sandals Resorts

If you plan to visit a restaurant that requires evening attire, remember to pack any accessories that go with your outfit, such as a nice purse or jewelry for women, or dress socks for men. Either way, remember that Sandals resorts are located in tropical destinations, so choose a breathable fabric.

I personally purchased some cheap slip-on loafers on Amazon for $40 that I could smash in my luggage and not worry about them. For shirts, I bring lightweight button up shirts that I can wear at any time like the shirt in this photo. (Yes that’s me with Sugar Ray)

For pants, I have always hated pants and prefer shorts, but then I found linen pants and I love them maybe more than shorts.

For during the day, you can bring casual clothes that are cool, such as sundresses, sleeveless tops or t-shirts, and shorts or skirts for women and lightweight t-shirts or short-sleeved polo shirts and shorts for men. Flipflops are perfect for during the day, but if you plan to do a lot of walking or any sports, you might also want to pack tennis shoes. Water shoes also come in handy.

Dan & Michelle covered up to for sun protection

Of course, bring several swimsuits (and a coverup for women). If you want to do watersports, consider packing a rashguard for skin and sun protection. Every Sandals has a fitness center with exercise classes like yoga, so bring outfits for that if you plan to participate. If you’re going to a Sandals resort with golf, bring appropriate clothes and shoes for that.

Michelle with a swimsuit and cover-up

Women might also want to bring a wrap or light jacket for cool evenings and chilly air conditioning.

Be sure to bring a sunhat and sunglasses as well! And one last note: many resorts have a “White Night” theme party, so consider bringing an all-white outfit.

Have we answered all your questions about resort evening attire at Sandals? If not, let us know in the comments!

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