10 Perfect Stay At Home Date Night Ideas

10 Perfect Stay at Home Date Night Ideas

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Don’t let money or time get in the way of you not being able to have the perfect date night with your significant other. Whether you’re looking for stay at home date night ideas for married couples or a new way to mix things up with the person you’re dating, these stay-at-home date night ideas are the perfect solution.

stay at home date night ideas

If you’re not able to find a babysitter for your kids, or you can’t go to your favorite places because of weather or COVID, now you don’t have to worry! Put the kids to bed and enjoy these perfect stay-at-home date night ideas.

Why Stay At Home Date Nights Are Great Date Night Ideas For A Married Couple

In my opinion, I prefer to stay at home for date nights. There is low pressure to have to worry about finding a sitter, booking a reservation, and you can squeeze them in whenever you have the time! You remove all of the things that can be stressful about date nights and enjoy that quality time with your spouse once more.

Now that I we’re in our midlife stage, staying connected with one another is more important than ever!

10 Stay at Home Date Night Ideas For A Romantic Evening

Just because you are having a date night at home doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun! All of these ideas are simple, cheap, creative, and a great way to make your date nights fun again. My husband and I are celebrating 25 years this year, and while it is fun to go out, I much prefer staying in.

Well, if we aren’t celebrating at Sandals Resorts, our favorite all-inclusive resort chain. We missed celebrating there over the past 2 years because of COVID, so we are looking forward to being back!

Sandals Grande St. Lucian

In the meantime, here are some great ideas to plan a Valentine’s Day celebration at home.

#1 Try A Date Night Box Or Subscription

If you struggle to come up with date night ideas and need some inspiration, a date night box or subscription could be just what you need! They include everything you need for a fun date night at home!

The best overall subscription would be DateBox Club. For less than $40 a month, and even less if you choose a longer subscription, you can spend quality time with their curated date night experiences. Their boxes also include snacks or a sweet and don’t require much clean-up or prep.

#2 Create an Escape Room at Home

There are so many guides out there for helping you create your own escape room! Transform a room of your home into a fun challenge that you and your date have to figure out. Have some fun clues that include your favorite treats or drinks. Use moments from your past to navigate the room. Who knows, you may not want to escape from all the wonderful memories you have made over the years.

If you are just starting to date, it is a great way to get to know one another. Share your favorite foods, a favorite vacation memory, or whatever makes you feel special. Your new partner is sure to love it!

 #3 Have a Game Night

Game nights are a classic stay-at-home date night idea. Try one of these if you need some new games for your next date night!

 Hygge Games …I should have known that!

This traditional trivia-style game is a fun two-player game that will have you laughing!

I Should Have Known That Trivia game

 Love Lingual: Card Game

Explore and deepen your relationship with this fun get-to-know-you card game.

Love Lingual Card Game


This conversation starter game is an excellent way for new couples to get to know each other or learn more about their lifelong partner.

Our Moments card game

 MONOPOLY Deal Card Game

This shorter version of the classic card game Monopoly is perfect for date nights!

Monopoly Deal Card Game

 Codenames: Duet

If you and your significant other love playing Codenames, this two-player version is just as fun!

Codename Duets Game

#4 Cook a Meal Together

Instead of ordering out or going out to eat, why not make a delicious meal together! These are great for that same high-end dining experience but made in your own home.

It is funny how food can instantly take you back to a favorite romantic date from the past. Enjoy the meal, then maybe have an after-dinner drink as well.

adult hot cocoa bomb finished close up

#5 Have a Tasting Party

Whether it’s wine and cheese or chocolate, gather the supplies and make your own tasting night at home. This is a great way to try new things with your love. You might find a new favorite wine, or the perfect cheese to enjoy on a picnic. It is also a great way to get to know your date based on their current favorites.

#6 Create a Travel-inspired Theme For A Stay At Home Date Night

Use a country to inspire you to make a theme night for your date! You can learn how to make homemade pasta while listening to Italian music, learn the salsa with your date, and more!

If I would have to make a decision right now, it would be a Jamaican night. Jamaica is our favorite Caribbean destination and has so many special memories for us. Jerk chicken is our absolute favorite dish from Jamaica, and I can’t wait to be back to have it again.

Jerk Chicken Sandals Resorts

#7 Make your Own DIY Wine and Design

Grab a bottle of wine and follow a Bob Ross tutorial as you make your own wine and design right from home. Let me say, I have no artistic skills what-so-ever, but this is certainly a lot of fun.

#8 Have a Picnic on your Floor For A Stay At Home Date Idea

Take your meal to the floor and enjoy your meal on a picnic blanket for a different kind of dining experience. Make sure you use disposable serve ware, so you have an easy clean up. Curl up on a blanket with a good movie and enjoy time together.

#9 Learn your Love Languages

Give The Five Love Languages a read and see your individual love languages. This is a great date night and a great way to learn more about your spouse or date. You might be surprised as to what their love language is. Plan future dates based on these. Surprise your partner or spouse when they least expect it.

#10 More Date Night Ideas

There are so many ideas on this list that you could do with your significant other! You could listen to a podcast together while cuddling on the couch or even turn housework into a date night, such as organizing the home office together.

Which one of these date night ideas are you looking forward to trying next? I would love to hear your favorite ideas for stay-at-home date nights.

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