Easy Sex On The Beach Cocktail For Year-Round Summer Tastes

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Nights are getting longer, but that doesn’t mean you need to lose the tastes of Summer. This easy Sex on the Beach cocktail is perfect anytime. Make yourself feel like you’re kicked back on a beach relaxing when you take a sip of this refreshing cocktail. A burst of peachy, citrus flavor, with a slight punch from the vodka that’s barely noticeable.

Easy Sex On The Beach Cocktail

Since my husband and I started traveling to the Caribbean and enjoy many of the tropical drinks we find at Sandals Resorts, it has been so much fun recreating them at home. Even if we can’t physically be on the islands, at least we can have the taste of them all year round right in the comfort of our home.

This recipe is intended for people 21+. Please drink responsibly and never drive after enjoying this recipe.

Easy Sex On The Beach Cocktail

Common Questions About Sex On The Beach Cocktail

Can This Drink Be Made Without Alcohol?

Drop the vodka and use peach juice in place of the Schnapps for a kid-friendly drink!

What Is The Best Glass To Serve This Cocktail In?

Most often, a hurricane glass is used to serve this drink in. But you can use whatever you have on hand, it won’t change the taste of the drink!

Can You Substitute Any Of The Juices?

If you wish to stiffen the drink up a little, substitute grapefruit juice for orange juice.

Recipe For Sex On The Beach Cocktail

Ingredients Needed For This Recipe

  • 1 Ounce Vodka
  • 1 Ounce Peach Schnapps
  • 1 Ounce Orange Juice
  • 1 Ounce Cranberry Juice
  • Ice
Sex on the Beach cocktail ingredients

Necessary Kitchen Tools For A Homemade Sex On The Beach Cocktail

  • Cocktail Shaker
  • Ice Bucket and Scoop
  • Cocktail Jigger
  • Hurricane Glasses (or whatever glassware you desire)

Homemade Sex On The Beach Drink Basics

  • Makes 1 drink
  • 1 minute prep time
  • 1 minute serve time

How To Make A Sex On The Beach Cocktail

Step #1

Fill your cocktail glass with ice.

Cocktail glass with ice

Step #2

Add 1 ounce of vodka, peach schnapps, and orange juice.

Sex on the Beach vodka

Step #3

Slowly add the last ounce of cranberry juice to get that iconic color mixture.

Cranberry Juice Sex On The Beach cocktail

Step #4

Garnish with some cherries or an orange slice and enjoy!

Sex on the beach cocktail garnish

Sex on the Beach cocktail is an excellent drink for someone who doesn’t drink much or is new to drinking. It is bursting with flavor and is very simple to make. And it is so darn pretty too!

Enjoy A Meal With A Sex On The Beach Cocktail!

While this beverage is the perfect starter, here are some amazing recipes that you should enjoy with your Sex on the Beach cocktail!

  1. Casserole dishes are the absolute best to enjoy with a cocktail. Try this recipe for Easy Cheesy Beef Barbeque Casserole Bake.
  2. And there is nothing like enjoying some Baked Cheesy Dip while sipping on this cocktail.
  3. Want to keep with a liquid meal theme? Why not enjoy it with some homemade creamy corn chowder and some dinner rolls.
  4. Looking for a hands-off recipe? Why not make this crockpot pierogi casserole with kielbasa.
  5. Another delicious option would be chili quesadillas in the oven.
  6. Love spicy? Why not enjoy this cocktail with a slow cooker Buffalo chicken cheesesteak.
Completed Sex On The Beach cocktail

The possibilities are absolutely endless when it comes to this recipe. Let’s face the facts, it goes with absolutely everything. And that is a great thing!

Sex On The Beach Cocktail Recipes

It is always great when minds think alike. Here are some more recipes with some variations that you may like.

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