Sandals Royal Barbados Royal Seaside Swim-up Club Level Ultra Suite w/ Patio Tranquility Soaking Tub(SUP) Room Review

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Happy August! I am so excited to be sharing this room review from Sandals Royal Barbados. The Royal Seaside Swim-up Club Level Ultra Suite w/ Patio Tranquility Soaking Tub(SUP) room has officially jumped into my #1 favorite room at Sandals Resorts. Keep reading to find out why!

Sandals Royal Barbados Seaside Swim-Up Club Level Ultra Suite with Patio Tranquility Soaking Tub (SUP) Room Review

I think doing my room reviews and resort reviews at Sandals Resorts is one of my favorite things to do on the blog, and I am particularly excited about sharing this one. Keep reading to find out more.

This review is for the dates of July 22-29, 2023 and apply to those dates only.

FAQ’s About Sandals Royal Barbados (And Sandals Barbados Too!)

Here are a few common questions about Sandals Royal Barbados:

Where Is Sandals Royal Barbados Located?

Sandals Royal Barbados is located in the Maxwell Beach area of Christ Church.

How Far Is Sandals Royal Barbados From Airport?

Sandals Barbados and Sandals Royal Barbados are just a short 15–20-minute ride from the airport, so getting there is easy.

What Sandals Is Better In Barbados?

There is no right answer to this question, it actually depends on you and your needs. If you want new and more modern, then Sandals Royal Barbados is where you want to be. Need quieter and more privacy? Sandals Barbados is probably what you are looking for.

Can You Walk Between Sandals In Barbados?

Let’s just say, you will often not know you have crossed into the other resort because they are that close together. In fact, in the picture below, my husband has one arm on the Royal side, and the other on the original side. Yep, it is super easy to walk between the two resorts.

Dividing line between Sandals Barbados and Sandals Royal Barbados

Can You Use Both Sandals Resorts In Barbados?

You can easily walk from one resort to the other. Guests of either resort can make use of the amenities of both resorts, without restrictions. The main difference is that Sandals Royal Barbados is centered around the main pool, featuring only Club and Butler Level suites.

Is Sandals Royal Barbados A Private Beach?

The beach directly in front of the resort is private, however, down by the ocean, it is public, and anyone can be in it. You may be approached by locals to purchase excursions or even weed.

Okay, now that we have answered a few general questions about the resort, let’s get into the Royal Seaside Swim-up room review in more detail.

Where Are The Royal Seaside Swim-Up Rooms Located?

I loved that these swim-ups were located in the center of all the action near the infinity pool. A short walk to all things fun, and the perfect amount of privacy when you needed it. These suites are located in 4 buildings of the Royal Seaside Village: Sea Horse, Opal Eye, Wahoo, and Royal Hawksbill.

Sandals Royal Barbados Royal Seaside Swim Up Sea Horse and Opal Eye Building

Our room, for reference, was 8108 and located in the Opal Eye Building. I thought we got the perfect room because it was on the end and had a slightly larger patio area and the open area on the side helped with a nice cross-breeze.

In the photo above, the Opal Eye Building is in the middle. We were on the left end of the building, and really had the perfect room.

Royal Seaside Swim-Up Room Entry Area

You access your room on the backside of the building, using your electronic key card.

Royal seaside swim-up room main entry door

Immediately when you walk in on the left you will find the bathroom area.

I loved the feature wall with the turtles on the wall. Even mentioned to my husband if we could do something like this at home, ha ha.

The Bathroom Area Of The Royal Seaside Swim-Up Room

One of the downsides to this bathroom is the sink. It is a trough sink, and while it is large, it is very awkward for getting ready, especially if you are vertically challenged like me. I think they could have done better with the area, and made it a little more user-friendly for the ladies.

sink area royal seaside swim-up room

But there is plenty of storage on both sides of the sink, and underneath as well. The bathroom comes with a hair dryer, and I thought it was more than adequate, so I think it is something that you can leave at home.

The toilet is down a short hall and has no door. We have been married for so long that it didn’t bother me at all, but if you like your privacy, then your spouse will have to leave the bathroom area.

The picture was always a source of amusement to us, and we would frequently joke that he was watching us. Too funny!

The shower was large, with plenty of shelf space for your bathroom products. And the shower head was DIVINE! There are two hooks on the outside of the shower for towels and robes.

sandals royal barbados SUP bathroom shower

There was a sliding picture that covered the shower window, which is great when you want lots of sunlight during the day, but privacy when you need to shower. Of course, you always had to be on alert for some peeking from the spouse not in the shower!

A Large & Adequate Closet Area Is On The Right Side

The closet contains your safe (you set your own combination), a luggage rack, robes, and umbrella. Plenty of space to store your shoes and suitcases, as well.

closet area at Sandals Royal Barbados

Royal Seaside Swim-Up Room Bedroom Area

I love how big the bedroom area is in this room category. Let’s start with the bar & fridge space. It is located directly next to the closet area and contains your in-room liquor and a stocked fridge with soda, juice, beer, and wine.

Royal Seaside Swim-up Room Bar area

Next to the bar area is a full-length mirror. A side note to this mirror is there is an awkwardly placed shelf in the middle of the mirror that does allow an unobstructed view of whatever you are looking at. Not quite sure what they were thinking with it, but it is a small negative.

Royal Seaside Swim-up Room TV Area

There is a large king-sized bed with 2 side tables that have lots of storage space. One of the things I have noticed at other Sandals Resorts is the lack of storage space for clothing that doesn’t need to be hung up in the closet. This room had the BEST set up and I hope that Sandals will consider upgrading their furniture to include these options.

Royal Seaside Swim-up Room bed area

There is also a small sofa with a coffee table. We didn’t use that space much, other than a place to store our bag and other items we used at the pool.

Royal Seaside Swim-up Room Living Room area

There is also a desk area where we stored all our paperwork from Club Sandals, and it also ended up where we stored our swimwear after it dried outside.

Royal Seaside Swim-up Room Desk Area

There is also a chair there, which we never ended up using.

The Swim-Up Area Of The Royal Seaside Room

Okay, I definitely saved the best for last. The swim up area of this room was worth the price, without a single doubt. As I said earlier, we ended up with an end room that was open on the side and the front, and it provided a wonderful breeze most days. It also made the room bright and airy. We also had greenery and it provide shade and privacy.

Royal Seaside Swim-up Room Patio Area

There we two loungers on the swim-up shelf. They were not the most comfortable, unless you placed a blue float on them when you were using them. Because of that we rarely used them.

Royal Seaside Swim-up Room Pool Chairs

The entry into the swim-up was easy to get in and out, which is important if you were planning to float and enjoy a beverage from the in-room bar.

Royal Seaside Swim-up Room Swim Up Pool Entry

Your soaking tub is also located outside on your patio. I didn’t use it all except to hang our suits or towels to dry.

Royal Seaside Swim-up Room Patio Soaking Tranquility Tub

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a good soak in the tub. But the shower in this room was one of the best ever, and I found I used that more than the tub. Maybe next time I will utilize it more.

The lagoon itself ran the length of the two swim-up buildings, and was adequate for swimming back and forth.

Royal Seaside Swim-up Room Lagoon

You will find that most times the swim up area is empty because everyone is at the main pool. For that reason, we spent our last day on resort strictly in our room & swim-up and it was a quiet and peaceful day. When we had a bit of liquid sunshine, we just hung out on the patio and relaxed or read.

Royal Seaside Swim-up Room Lagoon Opal Eye Building
Royal Seaside Swim-up Room Lagoon landscaping

The landscaping in the lagoon area of the Royal Seaside swim-up area was so relaxing and peaceful.

Royal Seaside Swim-up Room Lagoon area

You will also find a drying rack for your suits, and we used it quite frequently.

PRO TIP: Make sure you have several suits with you, as it takes a while for things to dry because of the humidity.

You can also find a full walk-through video , if you want a more detailed look!

I hope this detailed room review was helpful to you and that it assists you in making your decision to book at Sandals Royal Barbados. Have more questions? Be sure to leave a comment or send me a direct message through my contact form!

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