Sandals Emerald Bay Beach House Oceanview Grande Luxe Club Level Room OL Review

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Are you planning a trip to Sandals Emerald Bay? Not sure what room category to stay in? Today I am giving an honest review of our stay in the Beach House Oceanview Grande Luxe Club Level Room OL.

Sandals Emerald Bay Beach House Oceanview Grande Lux Club Level Room OL Review

First off, I want to be real and honest. I didn’t take any pictures of the rooms before we unpacked, so the pictures you will see of the OL club level room are in real time. It shows the room being used and being loved.

I also have an extensive guide to Sandals Emerald Bay you can read about all aspects of the resort. Today’s posts concentrate on the room we stayed in during our time in July 2019.

Let’s Talk Location Of The Sandals Emerald Bay Beach House Room OL

So where is this room located? There are seven beach buildings, and rooms of this type can be found in all seven of them. Sandals Emerald Bay is a fairly large resort, so rooms in these buildings are perfect for you, depending on how close to the action you want to be.

Prior to going, I had chatted with previous guests as to which room location was the best. Now, keep in mind, room requests are never guaranteed on any resort. So, when I put my room request in for the coveted room #2201, I had no expectations. When we were escorted to our room and found ourselves walking down the hall to get to our room, I was tickled pink to find out that #2201 was where we were headed.

Why is this room so popular? Well, it’s all about the view, and this was it!

Sandals Emerald Bay view Room 2201 Club Level OL

Yep, that is really how it looks from the room balcony. I was breathless when I took this picture. I must say, the picture does not do the view or the ocean color justice.

How To Get To Your Room

This room category is located on the second and third floors of the buildings. There is a small alcove that takes you to the elevator. I love how beautifully decorated it is.

OL Room Review Building 2 Alcove Sandals Emerald Bay

You will ride an elevator to your floor and walk down the hallway to your assigned room. Keep in mind, all rooms will face the ocean, so there is always a wonderful view. That is our door at the end of the hallway, after you come off the elevator.

Hallway to room 2201 OL Sandals Emerald Bay

The location of the room was really private, as there are only 2 other rooms on this side of the building.

The Bathroom Area In The Sandals Emerald Bay Room OL

Once you pass through your room door, the bathroom area is directly in front of you. Now, some have stated that the bathroom area was outdated, but I found it large and functional. TONS of counter space so that both of us could get ready for our day or before going out to dinner.

Counter space OL room Sandals Emerald Bay

And here are two shots that show the shower, tub, and toilet area. We loved the shower in this bathroom. I never used the tub because the shower was so great. The tub was really convenient for drying our swimwear.

Walk-in shower Sandals Emerald Bay OL Club level Room
Tub view Sandals Emerald Bay OL Room

So that is just a quick look at the bathroom area. There is also a makeup mirror on the wall for the ladies, so that was great. Also, no need to drag a hair dryer, one is provided for you in the bathroom.

The Sleeping Area Of The Beach House OL Room

I don’t know about you, but there are times I have trouble sleeping in a strange bed. Generally they are uncomfortable, hard, and well, not my own.

But the beds at any of the Sandals Resorts have always been super comfy. This gorgeous bed was no exception.

Bed area OL room

I found this bed to be fluffy and comfortable, we always had plenty of pillows, and our sheets were always changed when we requested it. There is also a nice bench on the end of the bed that we stored our beach bag on and kept our shoes underneath. If you are planning on doing any excursions, you will be well-rested for them after sleeping in these beds.

Room Sitting Area

You will find a small sitting area in the room, as well. Since we didn’t spend a lot of time in the room, this area ended up being up the place where we kept our already worn clothing. It made keeping everything organized easier when it came the time to repack our clothes.

Sitting area OL Room Sandals Emerald Bay

There Is A Dining Area In The Club Level OL Room At Sandals Emerald Bay

If you enjoy getting room service or playing games during your stay, this room has a nice dining area directly in the room.

Dining area in the Sandals Emerald Bay OL room

As you can see, we obviously didn’t use room service during our stay. It was a great area to plug in our devices for charging, and for storage.

The Bar & TV Area In The OL Room

Your TV and bar area also serves as your drawer space. I think if I had to point out one negative at the Sandals Resorts, it is the lack of drawer space on any of the resorts.

Drawer space OL Club Level Room Sandals Emerald Bay

Yes, there are things we do hang up in the closet area, but more drawer space would be a plus. Especially when you travel with a hubby who brings more clothes than you do!

About The Room Closet

The closet area is standard for most of the rooms at Sandals. There are places to hang your clothes, as well as some storage shelves.

There is also your in-room safe. You also have plenty of room to store your suitcases until it is time to pack them up again. If you use a luggage rack, you will find one in the closet as well.

The Balcony Area In The OL Club Level Room

Like many other Sandals Resorts, Caribbean travel is all about the outside. And this is no exception. The balcony area in the OL club level room is the perfect size. Here is a tip though: the 3rd floor rooms are covered by just a trellis covering.

Request a second floor room to have a covered balcony area you can use even when you encounter “liquid sunshine”.

Balcony view OL Room

There is enough room out there for a table and 2 chairs, perfect to curl up with a drink and a good book.

Table bistro Sandals Emerald Emerald Bay OL

I loved sitting out here in the early morning to watch the sun come up or later in the evening before we headed out to dinner. You can never get enough of the views.

Sandals Emerald Bay gazebo at dusk

Final Thoughts About The Sandals Emerald Bay Beach House Oceanview Grande Luxe Club Level Room OL

Now that I have shared a little bit about the room, and how nice everything is, let me be honest about a few things. Because this is a older hotel, they do have some issues with musty smells. It is part of the Caribbean, and the only way you will get rid of that is to remove all linens. Since that is impossible, you do get the musty smell. The easy solution? Either pack some Damp Rid packets or ask housekeeping for 2 of them. Put one out in main bedroom area, and one in your closet, and the problem is solved.

Other than that, the only other negative I could come up with is because the floors were mostly tile, you could hear when your neighbor moved their chairs when they pulled them away from the table. There really isn’t a lot to complain about when it comes to this room.

I hope this honest room review about the OL Club level room at Sandals Emerald Bay will help you in making your room choice. Below I am sharing more helpful Sandals posts you will find useful and informative.

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