How To Fall Clean Outdoor Spaces

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Fall cleaning is generally a semi-fun thing to do. It sets the stage for holiday decorating, and scrubs away the last bit of Summer grit and grime. But most people concentrate on the inside of their home. Today I am helping you to Fall clean outdoor spaces to be ready for the colder weather.

Fall cleaning outdoor spaces guide

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I am busy trying to squeeze out the last warm rays of Summer. But it is slowly coming to an end, and it’s time to start dealing with Winter. But, before I can even think of that, it is time to think about starting the outdoor fall cleaning checklist.

Common Questions About Fall Cleaning Outdoor Spaces

Is outdoor Fall clean up necessary?

Short answer is YES! Long answer includes things like protecting your lawn for next year, preventing cracking of gutters from snow and ice, locating potential areas of air leakage that can lead to high energy bills.

When should you start Fall cleaning outside spaces?

The best time to do Fall cleaning outside is in October. It gives your house time to settle from the Summer heat and storms so that you can do a complete and thorough job.

What should I do to my lawn in October?

If it is still green, then keep mowing it. You can also do some simple things like adding grass seed & Fall fertilizer and take time to do pest control.

Fall clean outdoor spaces garden tips
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What do I do with garden beds in the Fall?

Take time to remove dead plants and leaves. Cover any plants that may need to be protected during the cold Winter months. Also take time to mulch areas that have exposed soil and add compost. Other things you can do are fix any boards on your raised gardens and remove dead leaves.

Let’s take a closer look at what you need to do when you Fall clean outdoor spaces.

Make An Inspection Of Your HVAC System A Priority

This is one task I forgot one time during the Spring and boy did we pay for it. On the hottest day of the Summer, our air conditioning went. Luckily, it was only a capacitor on the outdoor unit, and it was fixed inexpensively (well, as far as HVAC systems go).

Make sure you schedule your service as soon as you can. Some places will actually let you schedule every 6 months to make sure both the cooling & heating systems work before you need them.

Priorities for the outdoor HVAC system:

Things your service repairman should be doing when working on the outside unit:

  • Do a visual inspection of the outside unit for cracks in the casing that covers the fan. A small crack that goes unnoticed can be a HUGE expense in the future. This can also allow dust and grime to get inside and possibly cause even more damage.
  • Cleans and vacuums the outside unit vents. This goes hand-in-hand with the part about checking for cracking. Who wants dust and grime being circulated around in your home.
  • Make sure the outdoor hoses don’t have leaks or tears. The last thing you want during a cold spell (or a hot one depending on where you live) is to have a hose bust open and cause your outdoor unit to malfunction.
  • Verifies that the outside seal to the house is airtight, so air and bugs can’t get in. Leaking air means a harder-working system. And leaking air means escaped heat or air conditioning. Which is a HUGE money waster. This only takes seconds to do and can be fixed inexpensively.
  • Guarantees that all parts of the outdoor unit are working and replace them if they aren’t or may not last the Winter. Make sure he has taken off the casing of your outdoor unit and takes the time to inspect each and every part. Our service provider was pretty awesome in showing what was good, what could wait, and what needed to be done now.

Priorities for your indoor HVAC unit:

Once that is done, make sure he takes the time to check your indoor unit, change the air filter, and make recommendations for further repairs. The sooner you get this done when you start to Fall clean outdoor spaces, the sooner you can schedule needed fixes…before it gets too cold.

Clean Up Leaves And Other Yard Debris

Fall is the perfect time for a yard cleanup, as long as you do it before the ground freezes! Make sure to remove any leaves that have accumulated on your lawn, sidewalks and driveway. Doing so will not only keep your home looking neat but also protect your foundation from damage due to the weight of all those leaves.

You can skip the rake and use a leaf blower instead – they’re great for getting down in between trees and are much faster than raking.

Prune & Prep Bushes And Shrubs

Prune your ornamental bushes and trees in the garden which helps them get ready for winter. Also, remove dead twigs and branches. Do not throw leaves or grass clippings under large trees, as this can damage their roots, causing root rot. Your effort will pay off come spring when everything is green and growing again.

Get Your Lawnmower Serviced And Stored For The Winter

With the weather turning colder, you won’t be needing it as much. Now is a good time to take it in to have it checked. Get the blades sharpened if they need it and have the oil changed. Make sure any wires are in good shape.

When it is time to put it away for good, you just need to siphon the gas back into your approved gas container. If you don’t plan on using it after you get it back, just have the repairman do it then.

Cover it for safekeeping and put it away in its Winter storage location. Which, for us, is our shed.

Fall clean outdoor spaces lawn mower

Fall Clean Outdoor Spaces By Organizing Your Shed & Storage Places

Speaking of sheds, before you put your nicely serviced lawn mower away for the winter, take the time to completely empty out your shed and clean it. Before you do that since it could be a good chunk of your time, toss dinner in your slow cooker so that you will have a delicious Fall meal waiting for you when you are done.

Check your shed for any repairs that are needed. Toss out old items and make a list of things you need to replace. Make room for your patio furniture. This would even be a great time to add some storage shelves if you have space.

Take Time To Inspect Your Garage

Do you have a garage? It is important to check and make sure that your garage door is functioning properly before the winter months set in.

Make sure it closes completely and there are no gaps between the door and overhead framing or hardware. If you notice any gaps, you may need to have someone come out and readjust the door. If you can’t do that, see if you can add any weatherproof leak guards.

If something does need replacing, do not put off on doing so because an unsecured door can cause serious injury and or death for your children and loved ones.

Put away any Summer gardening tool and other gadgets. Pull out those snow shovels and put them in a convenient location and think about purchasing snow melt for the upcoming Winter.

Lastly, give your garage a good sweeping and remove any spiderwebs. Get things up off the ground if you can so you don’t encourage rodents to take up shelter for the Winter.

Wash Windows And Siding

This is an important step when you are trying to Fall clean outdoor spaces. And a potentially dangerous one. I believe that this particular task is better left to the professionals. Remember when you made your family budget? You should always budget these types of home maintenance into your budget for just this time.

Completely Clean Out Your Garbage & Recycling Bins

I don’t think I need to tell you how disgusting and gross these can get over the course of a long and hot Summer.

Grab a bottle of antibacterial cleaner and some hot water. Toss both in the can and let it sit. Rinse thoroughly and let dry in the sun. Then spray with Lysol or similar spray. When it’s Winter, you will be glad you did.

And if you live somewhere where it is hot all year round, you will be doubly grateful that you took the time to clean them out for they got a chance to get really stinky!

Spend Time Fall Cleaning Your Deck And Patio Areas

We replaced our deck several years ago with composite decking. It was supposed to hold up better in the elements. Well, when I took a look this week, I found a rather large crack. If you have a similar space, check it for damage, and then get it fixed as soon as you can. By catching it early, you can save yourself from huge repair bills later.

Other things to consider when inspecting your outdoor deck or patio:

  • Check for the settling of foundation pieces or key bricks. It could be a safety hazard because of a faulty support system.
  • Make sure no bugs or other pests have nests in your spaces. If there are any, either evict them yourself or hire someone to do it.
  • If there are missing nails or screws, now is the time to replace them. You may need to contact your contractor for this if you do not have any spare ones available.
  • Make a mental note for any changes you may be thinking of. You can spend the Winter planning and prepping.
composite decking during the Summer

The last thing you need to do with your outdoor deck or patio space is to clean it thoroughly. If you have composite decking like we do, Dawn detergent and warm water work wonders. Just make sure you sweep first so that you don’t scratch the materials.

For outdoor bricks, some Mr. Clean and a stiff scrub brush should be your tools of choice. Give it a good scrub, a thorough rinse, and let it dry. Now it is ready for Winter as well.

Safely Store Away Summer Decorations

If you are like me, I love to decorate my outdoor spaces for seasons and holidays. But often it involves a LOT of things to swap out and others to be stored away. Just take a look at all of this stuff:

fall clean outdoor spaces decorations
outdoor Summer decorations

It took me several days of hard work to put all of them out, and it will be the same amount to put them away. The cost of decorating is not cheap, so I want to do what I can to protect my investment. I will be getting waterproof containers to put them in, and label them accordingly. I store them in my garage for easy access for the following season.

More Helpful Outdoor Tools For Fall Cleaning

Here are a few more outdoor Fall cleaning tips:

Outdoor Fall Cleaning

Awesome resources to get your home ready for the Winter season.

While it may seem like a lot of things to do to Fall clean outdoor spaces, the end result will be worth all your hard work and allow your home to function warm and securely during the Winter months.

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