5 Tips To Healthy Snacking At Work

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Ready for a healthier you? Work is often hard and stressful, and we are more prone to unhealthy food choices. In order to be successful at work, you need to work hard and snack harder. Here are some simple tips for healthy snacking at work to start you on your journey to better health.

5 tips to healthy snacking at work

Common Questions About Healthy Snacking At Work

So sometimes the first place to start is the basics. Here are a few common things you might be asking yourself when deciding to start a healthier lifestyle in all aspects of your life.

Is it ok to keep snacking throughout the day?

Snacking can be good in some cases, such as for preventing hunger in people who tend to overeat when going too long without food.

How do I stop boredom snacking at work?

The easiest thing to do is to keep snacks away from your main workstation. Keep them in a drawer and out of sight until you are ready. Set an alarm on your phone that means you can have a snack when the alarm goes off. Cut down on stress while at work.

Here are a few tips for managing stress-induced snacking habits.

#1 Recognize Your Stress Trigger To Promote Healthy Snacking At Work

Stress snacking is a big thing with me. Certain parts of the year (like the Christmas holiday season) are more stressful, and with that, my healthy snacking while at work goes out of control.

So what can you do? Well recognize what your “stress trigger” is when you are at work. It could be:

  • Being afraid of doing something wrong
  • The pressures of making deadlines
  • Particularly trying customers
  • Unrealistic expectations

The list could go on & on. The important thing for you is to identify that trigger and work towards decreasing it. Here are some suggestions to start your day off in a positive way. If you can get a head start on your stress trigger, it may affect you less.

#2 Remove Your Source Of Unhealthy Eating

One of the biggest sources of my unhealthy snacking was the vending machine in the break room. Thankfully, there is no longer a machine in our break room, so it makes it easier. If you have one where you work, avoid bringing spare change so you don’t purchase things out of the vending machine.

snacks for your workstation

The same goes for the soda vending machine. The drinks in there are high in sugar, sodium, and other unhealthy ingredients. Your best bet to avoid this unhealthy eating pattern is to drink water.

#3 Drink Lots Of Water When You Want To Snack Healthier At Work

Studies have proven that drinking more water decreases your hunger, which leads to less snacking. Here are a few other benefits of drinking water that will lead to healthier snacking:

  • Drinking 30 ounces about a half hour before your lunch helps you to feel fuller and less likely to turn to snacking
  • Drink a glass of water an hour after lunch to allow the nutrients from the food to be better absorbed by your body
  • Drinking water also helps to energize your day: a glass before each meal is the perfect way to stay on an energy-boosting track.
water helps healthy snacking at work

So not only does drinking water help with healthy snacking at work, it also helps to boost your energy without caffeine!

#4 Bring Your Own Healthy Snacks To Enjoy

The simplest way to begin snacking healthy at work is to bring your own. Plan ahead each week when making your grocery list so you know what you should be purchasing from the store to take to work with you.

If you are like me, and don’t have a set schedule each week, planning ahead of time is extremely important. Your lunch break will be different, so planning appropriate snacks will help curb unhealthy eating by being deliberate.

And remember, do not go grocery shopping before you have eaten. You are less likely to purchase snacks that aren’t in line with a healthy lifestyle. And sticking to your prepared grocery list increases your likelihood of making smart choices.

What should I snack on at work?

Make sure you have snacks that are low in carbs and high in protein. This keeps your blood sugar stabile and your energy consistent. Greek yogurt with fresh berries is also a great choice.

What are the top 5 healthy snacks to eat when working?

So now that you know what you should be eating at work, here are the best of the best snacks to have at your desk or work fridge.

  1. Nuts and dried fruit
  2. Bell peppers and guacamole
  3. Roasted chickpeas
  4. Tuna pouches
  5. Apples & peanut butter

My favorites right now are sliced peppers with some ranch dressing to dip it in. I wash them, cut them up, and bring a small cup of dressing to work with me. The crunching of the peppers is so satisfying, and the dip makes you think you are not skimping on anything delicious.

Other healthy snacks could be granola bars, celery with low-salt peanut butter, or a healthy nut mix. Whatever you choose, be smart about it. If you have a specific diet you need to follow, there are some great snacks out there that are made for diabetics, or even those that suffer from renal failure or cardiac complications.

#5 Avoid The Center Of Unhealthy Eating At Work

Let’s face it, a work break room is a source of fellowship. A place to decompress. A safe haven from work realities. On the flip side, it generally means there are a lot of treats readily available. And if there are, there is a good chance they aren’t good for you.

If there are a ton of treats, head outside for a walk instead. Removing you from the temptation will keep you on a healthier track.

Walking at work for exercise

These are truly some simple things you can do when you are at work. I know I have a hard time resisting the junk food, and it really doesn’t do me any good. It’s not healthy, it makes me gain weight, and I tend to be even harder on myself.

So, you can work on snacking healthier at work with just a little advance planning. Share your struggles with your coworkers. Leave post-it notes with encouragement in your common areas. You can also meet with a registered dietician that can help you plan ahead. Your body and family will thank you for it.

What are your favorite tips for healthy snacking at work?

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