Fall Cleaning For Busy Women

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Even though it is still warm outside, the time is rapidly approaching for longer nights and cooler weather. And being inside the house instead of enjoying the outdoors. This guide for Fall cleaning for busy women will help you get started without being overwhelmed.

Fall Cleaning For Busy Women

Fall is my second favorite time of the year. Warm days, and crisp, cool nights where you can have the windows open and snuggle with your sweetie under a blanket. And knowing that you house is clean and ready for Fall will allow you to rest and relax.

Common Questions About Fall Cleaning

Before you start on your Fall cleaning journey, here are some answers to some questions you might have.

When should you start Fall cleaning?

Fall cleaning is usually started in October or November. If you do a lot of Fall decorating like I do, then I start my Fall cleaning in September before I decorate. You can decide when the best time is for you depending on your circumstances.

Why Fall cleaning is important

You are usually stuck inside most of the Winter. Fall cleaning allows you to rid your home of dust & grime to help prevent sicknesses that are associated with dusty spaces.

Should I hire someone to do my Fall cleaning?

I work full-time outside the home. It is stressful trying to get everything done, not only for my own home, but also dealing with caring for my elderly parent’s home. I think that hiring someone to do the cleaning at our home will be the best thing for us and my sanity.

Let’s get straight to what you need to do to prepare your home for the Fall & Winter months. With a few simple steps, your Fall cleaning for busy women will succeed because of its simplicity.

What This Post Doesn’t Cover

This post will not give you a step-by-step guide for cleaning each and every room. Since each person uses different cleaning products, has different size homes, has a different number of rooms, there is no one-size-fits-all cleaning method.

As a woman, you already know how to clean, you just need a starting point to begin. So now that you know what to expect, let’s being with the steps you will be taking for making your plan for Fall cleaning.

Decide What You Want To Accomplish With This Cleaning

Before you start attacking your home for Fall cleaning, take a moment to sit down and figure out what your end goals are for your Fall cleaning. Do you want a full-cleaning or just enough to be able to maintain? Is this the best time clean out closets and drawers?

Whatever you decide is your priority should guide you in making your plan for your Fall cleaning. Knowing what you want to do before you start will help cut down on the stress for busy women.

Take Some Time To Survey Your Home Before You Start

Take a look around and decide which 3 rooms will be your focus for your Fall cleaning this year. The rooms that you don’t get to can be done when it is time for your holiday cleaning, or you can designate them “if there is time leftover” rooms. Your main goal is not to get overwhelmed with Fall cleaning.

One of my priorities has always been my entry way, but yours may be different. And that is totally ok! You need to decide what are YOUR priorities and work from there. Make sure that you are relaxed while you figure things out. Enjoying a Fall snack or maybe a white Russian cocktail will get you in the mood.

Oh, in case you were wondering, Fall cleaning the kitchen and the master bedroom are my other 2 rooms that are my top priority. After that, it is the 3 bathrooms and the living room. We tend to keep the living room fairly organized, so that one is a “get to it as soon as I can” room.

Make Your Lists And Set Your Priorities

Grab a piece of paper (one for each room) and head to each room. Look around, and jot down notes. Do the windows need to be cleaned? What about the closet? Is it scary under a bed or dresser?

Whatever you decide is most important in that room will become your “must-do” tasks. This is also a great time to look around and see what repairs may need to be done. Is the door squeaky? Does it seem like a window is leaky? This is a great time to get these items fixed before the Winter weather sets in. By setting up small tasks for each room, you won’t get so overwhelmed. Hopefully, most of these tasks can be completed in 15-30 minutes after dinner.

Use This Time To Declutter Problem Areas

This is a great time for you to declutter a room. Clothes you aren’t wearing? Fold and bag them, and put them in your car to take to a local donation center. Find things that are broken? Toss them in the garbage now. Haven’t use it for 5 years? Donate or give them away.

By cutting down on the clutter, Fall cleaning will become easier each year, and easier to maintain over the course of the year. You will especially appreciate that when the busy holiday season is upon you.

I have to admit that decluttering is not my strong suit, but I have made it a priority for this year. If I don’t really love it, then the item is going to find a new home. Perhaps it will bring joy to someone else.

Remember That Fall Cleaning For Busy Women Is NOT A Sprint

I can’t stress enough that you can’t expect to get it all done in one day, or even one week. Ideally, the complete Fall cleaning of these 3 rooms should take you about 2 weeks.

Before you get upset and think what?!?!?, remember this: small steps over a longer period of time means that you are not physically exhausted when you finish. I don’t know about you, but it is hard enough on me to work outside of the home. Being tired just intensifies those feelings and paralyzes me where I can’t do anything.

So that is why I can relate that Fall cleaning for busy women can be difficult if you are dealing with other feelings as well. So hopefully these tips will help you and reassure you that you are not alone in feeling the way you do.

Look Up To Start Your Fall Cleaning

Always start from the top of the room when you do begin cleaning. Door jambs, ceiling fans, and HVAC screens are often forgotten when you do your regular cleaning. A Fall cleaning is the best time to pay close attention to these forgotten areas.

fall cleaning for busy women ceiling fans

If you have a lot of fuzz or dust, it will fall down while you are cleaning. It is much easier to vacuum up at the end when you have completed your cleaning. After all, only having to do things once will definitely save you time and energy.

I also take this time to look up and appreciate my blessings of having my home to clean in the first place. I also take the time to pray for each of the rooms and the family members who use them. I know that this is not for everyone, but I like to share this inspiration with others.

Remember To ASK For Help

This may be harder when you have really little kids. For the older kids, helping to vacuum & dust, or put things away serves two purposes: you get some help, and they learn some responsibility.

Enlist your spouse to help move furniture to clean and vacuum or carry heavy things to the car or storage area. Everyone learns how to clean and maintain your home, and they tend to keep it neater once they realize how much work goes into making it clean. We all know this picture is an exaggeration, but when you have small kids, it is probably partly a reality. And one of the reasons Moms get so overwhelmed when it comes to cleaning.

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Final Thoughts About Fall Cleaning

It is so easy to get overwhelmed when you hear that others have their Fall cleaning (well, any cleaning for that matter) in hand and under control. But remember, what your neighbor does is not what is best for your family. By keeping that in mind, you can do what is important to you as a busy woman.

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