Date Night Ideas For Married Couples: Stay In Ideas For A Fun Night

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Times are crazy right now and it is often super expensive for married couples to go on a date. Today I am sharing my favorite date night ideas for married couples that will allow you to stay in and still have a good time without spending a lot of money.

date night ideas for married couples

Hubs and I have been married for well over 25 years now. We like to travel to celebrate our anniversary, but sometimes that isn’t financially possible, or the timing is wrong. We both work busy schedules, so planning a night out on the town isn’t as fun as it should be. Instead, I spend time planning date night at home ideas. Low-cost or no-cost, they are just what we need sometimes.

Date Night At Home Ideas For Married Couples

Looking to spend some time with your spouse, but just have no time or energy to spend a night on the town? These date night at home ideas for married couples can help you connect and have fun, and you don’t even have to get dressed up.

  • Make it a movie night! If it is near a holiday, have a themed one with drinks and snacks.
  • Turn off the TV and just talk and hold hands.
  • Give each other a relaxing massage.
  • Share a bubble bath or shower.
  • Try a new drink or food.
  • Play board games or card games.
  • Or, if you have been married as long as we have, tackle some indoor chores you have been putting off because you have crazy work schedules. Talk while you are doing it. Make some plans for the future. Remember your dreams.

Date night ideas for married couples don’t have to be elaborate or earth shattering, remember the goal is for you to spend time together without leaving the comfort of your own home. As I get older, I am becoming more and more of a homebody, so combining it with a date night is a complete win!

Romantic Date Ideas At Home

What happens when you want to have a romantic date but don’t want to leave the house? That is certainly easy enough to arrange. Here are a few simple ideas to get you started:

date night ideas at home
  • If you have little ones, arrange for a babysitter or family member to take them out of the house for a few hours.
  • Hire someone to clean your house so you can spend time pampering yourself and getting ready.
  • Purchase your favorite adult beverage and plan a candlelight dinner. Use a tried-and-true recipe so you aren’t stressed.
  • Make it a game night. There are lots of fun games that are geared for couples when you want date night ideas for married couples. I am sharing a few of them below:

At Home Anniversary Date Ideas

Usually, my husband and I spend our anniversary at Sandals Resorts. But we all know that it isn’t possible to travel when you can’t afford to or if you have little ones at home that you can’t leave behind.

Celebrating an anniversary doesn’t have to be an expensive ordeal and spending it at home can be a fun & relaxing experience. Here are a few things you can do for an at home anniversary date night with your spouse.

  • Rewatch your wedding video. Dance along with it.
  • Recreate your wedding night with locked door time.
  • Try making a new dish in the kitchen with your spouse. Make a mess. Clean it up together.
  • If you went on a honeymoon, plan a meal or drink from that place. Look at old pictures.
  • Watch your favorite sports team or rom-com movie.
  • Write love letters to each other.
  • Do absolutely nothing but be with each other.

As you can see, an at home date night for your anniversary can be fun and extremely budget friendly. It can be a great way to take the pressure off your spouse for trying to plan a potentially expensive night when you just need time with each other.

romantic at home date night married couples

More Resources For Fun Date Night Ideas For Married Couples

If you have spent a date night at home, what did you do? Be sure to leave a comment and share what you have done. I love hearing new ideas!

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