Cocktails & Sunsets 09.17.23

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I find it so hard to believe that September is over half over already. It is getting dark out earlier and earlier, it is finally starting to cool down, and work has settled down for a bit. I am glad, because now I can turn my attention to next weekend.

Cocktails & Sunsets

Why am I excited about next weekend? Well, let’s just say a much-anticipated trip is finally here and I am so ready to go! Of course, I am trying to squeeze in packing between my work shifts, and it isn’t easy.

Youngest has been home from college the past few days because of Covid. Poor guy, he has been miserable. But he has been resting and getting snuggles from his favorite buddy George. Hopefully he is at the point where he is ready to head back.

Oh, you were wondering where our trip is to? We are headed back to Jamaica for a short stay. We are headed to the new Sandal’s Dunn’s River and will be staying in a butler suite for the first time. I totally can’t wait! Jamaica is my favorite place to visit, the hospitality there just can’t be beat. Bring on the tropical drinks, my lounger, and my books.

Speaking of tropical drinks, yesterday I shared a delicious recipe for a Sex on the Beach cocktail! It is the perfect drink to enjoy on a Caribbean island.

Sex on the Beach cocktail

I’ve also shared a great recipe for creamy corn chowder that I think that you will enjoy. With the nights getting cooler, what a great way to keep warm.

homemade creamy corn chowder

I am still dreaming of Jamaica right now and wish my suitcases would pack themselves. Wishful thinking, I know!

One of things I am looking forward to is my favorite lunch of jerk chicken and rum punch. I just think that rum punch on the island tastes so amazing. I have managed to make a rum punch recipe that is a wonderful substitute for the real thing.

Want to try it yourself? Just click on the picture below and it will take you to this easy rum punch recipe you can make at home.

Easy Rum Punch Recipe

Well, that is my update for this week. I need to head off and get ready for work. I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. Until next time! Be sure to stop back and see some posts about our trip in the next few weeks!

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