Cocktails & Sunsets 03.05.23

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Wow! It is so hard to believe that it is March already. But I am totally ready for time change and Spring and longer nights.

And, of course, more traveling! Before I get into where we are headed this year, just let me give you a quick recap of last year’s travels. In fact, it is over a year since I have last done a diary post, and that one was all about me getting Covid. Thankfully, that is not the case this year!

Cocktails & Sunsets

If you want to know more about that phase of my life, you can read the old post here. In that post I mentioned that we were headed to Sandals Grande Antigua for our anniversary trip. Let me tell you, it was an absolutely amazing time!

If you have never been to a Sandals resort, make sure you look into going sometime in the future. I talk about what it’s like to be a first-time Sandals Resort guest and it will help you navigate your first trip.

Here are a few photos from our trip for you to enjoy!

Sandals Grande Antigua Beach Bayside
Sandals Grande Antigua main pool
Sandals Grande Antigua Beachfront Rondoval walk
Sandals Grande Antigua Main Pool seats

One of my favorite parts of this resort was all time I had with my husband, and all the ADORABLE resort kitties.

Sandals Resorts Epix Photo Shoot Sandals Grande Antigua
Sandals Grande Antigua resort cat Betsy and Bob
Sandals Grande Antigua Resort kittens

Sandals Grande Antigua is definitely my favorite resort to date. Of course, we still have a bunch of resorts to visit yet before I can say for sure.

Once we were back from this vacation, it was time to get ready for our favorite family vacation to Wildwood NJ. As always, it was a much-needed retreat. I was a bit stressed out because my Dad was having health issues and was in rehab to try to get strengthened up. So, I spent most of this vacation resting and reading and just spending time with the family.

A few shots of some places in Wildwood:

Wildwood sign from Starlux Mini Golf
Gateway 26 and Kohr Bros on Wildwood Boardwalk
LeVoyageur Motel Wildwood NJ

Boy, did I miss that place when we came home! Summer was long and tiring. Between working FT, taking care of my own house, and also running my Dad’s house, I was burning the candle at ALL ends. Plus, with my 50th birthday looming, I was all kinds of emotionally messed up.

In October we traveled to Jamaica to Sandals Ochi in order to celebrate my 50th birthday. We were able to stay a week, thanks to a great sale they had on their Honeymoon Hideaway Luxury Club Level Garden Cottage room.

We had a great time, and another much needed break.

Sandals Ochi Directional Sign
Sandals Ochi Beachside Fire Pit Riviera Tower
Sandals Ochi Over The Water Chapel and dock
Sandals Ochi Amphitheater Pool
Sandals Ochi Hillside Swim Up bar

But the day after we came home, EVERYTHING in my world changed. My Dad passed from his heart failure. It has been a rough few months sorting through his estate, selling the house, and doing everything else associated with it. Too many feeling to process too.!

2022 wasn’t through yet, because it decided that my husband’s Grandmother needed to be with the angels and we lost her at 93. It was bad enough losing his Grandfather at the beginning of the year at 93. So much loss in 2022, it is no wonder I gave up on blogging for quite a long time.

In 2023, I decided that I wanted the blog to be strictly about travel and slowly began to transition away from my lifestyle posts. I have a few tropical-themed adult beverage recipes that go with my travel theme, but most things I will be posting this year will be about the places we have been and the places we are going.

So where are we headed this year? June 2023 will be Wildwood as usual. Really looking forward to it. July 2023 will be Sandals Barbados/Sandals Royal Barbados. This is our first trip to the island, and we are really looking forward to it. And finally we round out the year at Sandals Dunn’s River in September 2023. Jamaica is one of our favorites, and we can’t wait to see the new and redesigned resort.

Stayed tuned as I continue to add back in all my travel posts and share some new ones as well!

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